A few remarks concerning the Upload of files :

If you're uploading files please send a mail with all the important information concerning the project such as Labelcopy (eventually with ISRC and Text for CD Text), Deadline, required Format etc.

The Audio files should be properly named to avoid any confusion (Title, version etc).
Basically all Audio Formats are ok, but please avoid Datacompression or Conversions, best is to keep it in the format you have mixed it in.
Best practice is to use common Standards when you’re mixing, like WAV, AIFF, and 24 Bit resolution.

If you’re naming files it is good to be as precise as possible, a lot of things that seem obvious at the moment itself are being forgotten a week later or incomprehensible for somebody else.

If you haven't got an account on my ftp/Webserver don’t hesitate to contact me and i’ll make one up for you or if you’re in a hurry, Wetransfer, Yousendit or Dropbox
are fine as well.